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Power Eco Total Home Solution

Let Geneco be your partner in your journey for a sustainable lifestyle. We provide a full suite of solutions from Solar Panels installation, financing to helping you complete your eco-journey with our green plans.

Why choose Geneco?

Have a yearly CO2 offset of up to 9,300kg

Save up to $4,600 a year by generating your own electricity

Enjoy up to $1,000 Geneco bill rebate

Add on our green plans to be even more eco-friendly

How does it work?

  1. As light from the Sun hits the surface of the solar panel, electricity is produced and transmitted to an inverter in the form of direct current (DC).
  2. The direct current (DC) electricity will then be converted by the inverter to alternating current (AC), the electricity that powers your home.
  3. The amount of electrical energy generated by the panel will be monitored by the meter and any excess energy produced will be fed back to the power grid.

In addition to getting your home powered by solar energy, you can also bundle with our green plan to be completely eco-friendly.

How many solar panels are needed for my rooftop?

The number of Solar Panels required are based on your rooftop size and with a large system, you can offset up to 9,300kg worth of CO2 yearly which is equivalent to the annual CO2 absorption by 462 rain trees*!

What’s more, besides saving the environment, you can also enjoy massive savings of up to $4,600!

Small System
Rooftop size: 40sqm
No. of solar panels: 10
Yearly savings $900
Yearly CO2 offset 1,800kg
Medium System
Rooftop size: 80sqm
No. of solar panels: 20
Yearly savings $1,800
Yearly CO2 offset 3,700kg
Large System
Rooftop size: 140sqm
No. of solar panels: 50
Yearly savings $4,600
Yearly CO2 offset 9,300kg

Figures are based on estimates. Actual results may vary.
*Data from Singapore Power



Grab up to
$1,000 bill rebate

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